Songkick | App Redesign | UI Challenge

Executive Summary

In a one-day sprint, we redesigned a concert booking platform to enhance the user experience through improved information architecture.

The Brief

Our challenge was to redesign the UI of four screens in an app without UX research the following day. We focused on reevaluating the existing information architecture and the potential need for changes in content organization, navigation logic, and sequencing.

So, why Songkick?

Songkick has evolved into an all-in-one platform for discovering live music events, tracking favorite artists, getting instant concert alerts, and buying tickets for upcoming shows.

UI Analysis

While seeking areas for improvement, we conducted a design critique with fellow designers, leading to intriguing findings:

  1. Confusing hierarchy

  2. Lack of white space for better readability

  3. Information overload

  4. Absence of filters

  5. Absence of personalized suggestions

Competitors Analysis

We drew inspiration from three apps: Eventim, Eventbrite, and Spotify. These competitors shared several key features:

  1. Clear hierarchy

  2. Filtering functionality

  3. Streamlined layout

Design Analysis

Songkick's current color scheme includes bright red, white smoke, gray, and black. While these colors complement each other on the color wheel, their utilization within the app needs improvement. To optimize the design and maintain brand consistency, we decided to keep Songkick's existing color palette. This approach ensures that current users can still recognize the app and avoids forcing them to adapt to a completely new look. We recognize that people tend to resist significant changes due to their habits and familiarity.


We concentrated on the following elements:

  1. Color combination

  2. Size of images and design elements

  3. Quantity of information

  4. Filtering functionality

  5. Sharing functionality

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